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Dermatosurgery Electrosurgery

Best Treatment for all skin and hair type in Vijayawada

At Magic Skin and Hair Care we use the advanced Hyfrecator Conmed Conmed Hyfrecator 2000+ imported from U.S.A. Electrosurgery is used to destroy benign and malignant lesions, to control bleeding, and to cut or excise unwanted tissue. Electrosurgery is a simple procedure with quick recovery time , a safe cosmetic procedure and a good economical alternative to Laser. It is useful for treating a variety of skin lesions. This is the most commonly used equipment and we have two Conmed units at our clinic for the convenience of the patient.

Wide range of clinical conditions treated by this procedure:

  1. Seborroeic keratosis
  2. Skin Tags ( Acrocordons ),DPN
  3. WartsConmed Hyfrecator
  4. Telangiectasias
  5. Angiomas
  6. Small tumors on the face
  7. Syringoma
  8. Milia
  9. Xanthelasma
  10. Spider vein / Neavi
  11. Epilation

Post treatment care

It includes washing with a mild soap and water then applying antibiotic ointment. Little bits of dry skin remain which should never be peeled off or scratched for 2 - 3 days after which they fall off revealing a clear beautiful skin, free of blemishes.

Cryo Surgery Brymil Cry-Ac Tracker

Cryosurgery has been used to treat skin lesions for approximately 100 years. The first cryogens were liquid air and compressed carbon dioxide snow. Liquid nitrogen became available in the 1940s and currently is the most widely used cryogen.

Clinical conditions can be treated by Cryotherapy:

  1. Seborroeic keratosis
  2. Warts
  3. Small tumors on the face.
  4. Keloids
  5. Hypertrophic scar
  6. Pyogenic Granuloma
  7. Dermatofibroma

Temperature Monitoring

  1. Infrared light sensors.
  2. Color-coded lights, precise Freeze time.
best treatment for all skin and hair type in vijayawada