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Co2 Laser Surgery and Resurfacing

Best Treatment for all skin and hair type in Vijayawada

Co2 ablative laser resurfacing has been the "Gold Standard" for non surgical facial rejuvenation and removal of facial skin wrinkles and photo aging since 1995. Magic Skin and Hair Care was one of the first clinics to introduce Co2 Laser in 2004. Since then an average of 75 - 80 Co2 Laser treatments are being performed in a month proving the safety and efficacy of Co2 laser based cosmetic surgeries.

Advent of short-pulsed high energy that limit skin heating has revolutionized laser skin resurfacing. These lasers are capable of removing layers of skin and unwanted tissue in an impressively precise fashion, leaving only a narrow zone of thermal necrosis.

Co2 ablative laser resurfacing using the Ultrapulse CO2 laser can achieve very significant facial rejuvenation including wrinkle removal, skin tightening and removal of pigment and photo aging skin changes.

At Magic Skin and Hair Care we use Co2 Laser imported from Korea (Seoul) which has three modes of operation namely Continuous mode, Super-Pulse mode, Ultra-Pulse mode. The Continuous mode is used for removal of Fibroma, Keloids, Hypertrophic scars.

The Super-Pulse mode for precise removal of unwanted skin growths and skin resurfacing.

The Ultra-Pulse mode for superficial skin removal and skin tightening.

best treatment for all skin and hair type in vijayawada

Various Conditions Treated by Co2 Laser Are:

  1. Skin Tags (2-5 mm hanging growths over neck, armpits and groins) .
  2. DPN (Small brown-black growths over face and neck) .
  3. Freckles (Light brown spots on face in Skin type 1-3 ...fair skinned patients).
  4. Xanthelasma palpebarum (fat deposits seen over the eyelids).
  5. Moles / Neavi.
  6. Acne Scars.
  7. Traumatic Accident Scars.
  8. Warts / Verrucae.
  9. Milia.
  10. Seborrheic keratosis.
  11. Sebaceous gland hyperplasia.
  12. Syringomas.
  13. Rhinophyma ( Enlarged Nose ).