Anti- ageing treatment

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Anti-ageing Treatment
                             Ageing is the process of becoming old everything in the world which we are living gets aged or gets old But when we human gets old our skin loses glow and wrinkles, lines, creases, dark circles under eyes, laugh lines, sagging of skin, pigmentation or darkening of skin, many things occur. Ageing is one factor there are other factors which also affect our skin like sunlight, pollution , smoking, drinking alcohol, Intake of food which does not have required nutrition.
                            Anti ageing is the process of reversing the ageing process or stopping the ageing process and making look young by reducing the masking and preventing the signs of ageing skin .ageing can be prevented by removal of free radicals by taking food supplements which have more antioxidants, and protecting the skin from UV Radiation and taking treatment for already aged skin.
                         We Magic skin and hair laser center is cosmetology center for skin services have various anti ageing techniques to make your skin look like as it was in your younger days . Anti-ageing peels ,Thread lift , Fillers , Botox , Glutathione, vit C supplements, IPL, CO2 Laser, R.F tightening of sagged skin.
Filers used to correct wrinkles and folds and also known to show immediate results. Quick ,in-office.
Botox treats creases of the forehead and removes the fine lines.
Chemical peel removes the dead and damaged layers of skin and reduces pigmentation ,Deep wrinkles , Acne and rough facial skin texture.
Fractional CO2 Laser-skin resurfacing treatment still the best way to remove wrinkles.
PRP therapy , stimulates your own collagen to grow for total facial rejuvenation.
Combination therapy.
                     The benefits of going with anti-ageing treatments are the skin will be wrinkle free and glowing and they ( men and women) will look more younger than their actual age.
External factors :
Sun     |     Pollution    |    Smoking    |     Alcohol    |  Poor nutrition . 
Internal Factors :
            Aging      |     Wear and tear of skin . 
Prevention :
                         Removal of free radicals by food supplements like antioxidants, and protection by avoiding UV Radiation and treatments for already aged skin.
Ageing Skin Shows :
           Lines   |   Creases    |   Crows feet around eyes    |     Laugh lines    |     Sagging of skin   |   Patchy pigmentation   |   Wrinkles   |  Dull Skin .


Benefits :
Lifts adds volume .
Elevates eye brows .
Smoothens nasolabial folds .
Uneven face Corrects .
Stimulates collagen production .

Other services we have:
– Treatment for colour improvement
– Grade IV Pimples
– For skin tightening
– Warts removal
– Laser for unwanted hair
– Treatment for dandruff, hair fall & Baldness.
– Fillers
– Botox
– Non Surgical Weight
– Chemical Peel
– Fractional CO2 Laser
– PRP, Stem cell therapy
– Hair Transplantation

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MBBS, M.D (Derma), DVL
Consultant Medical & Cosmetics Dermatologist

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